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FertileRain’s Culture


Fertilerains pursue an office with full of rationality, comradeship and humor.
In order to make a happy and enjoyable company for our members, we try to create our corporate culture by taking various suggestions from our personnel.

  • 9~10, flexible attendance system. There’s no need to hurry! Just relax and take your time.
    We do not impose any penalties for being late to work.

  • Official free-time given! All members of Fertilerains are encouraged to use their free time once a week during their working hours. No restrictions are given during the free time.

  • Free breakfast, Rainy breakfast Breakfast provided with various menus. Start your morning with delicious breakfast.

  • Cultural expense supporting program Let’s all enjoy a life with full of culture! We support monthly cultural expense to encourage our members to feel and learn more about cultural trend.

  • Family Day program Spend your time with your family. Once a month, we recommend all members to go home early and spend their valuable time with family.

  • Refresh vacation and vacation bonus supporting program for a long-term employed person. Personnel with more than 3 years of tenure will be provided an extra vacation with bonus.

  • Happy Birthday! Let’s all celebrate our member’s birthday. Once a month, we share our time to celebrate our member’s birthday.

  • Overseas Workshop program for a team/member with outstanding performance. As a reward, a team and a member with outstanding work performance will be given a chance to go overseas.

  • Culture DIY Once a month, members of Fertilerains are given certain options to choose any kind of cultural activity that they wish to do.

  • Mentoring program for new comers. Mentoring program to provide comfortable environment for new comers.

  • Revolutionary Thinking Group Revolutionary Thinking Group is a system that encourages all the working groups of Fertilerains to have free discussion of any topic that they want.

  • Relay Interview Use bulletin board and share compliments with co-workers. You may also use this bulletin board to ask questions. Anonymity guaranteed.

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