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Dotop Jun-gi ‘The Beginning of the Battle’ Campaign

Back ground

Dotop Jun-gi was the number one game that swept through the Chinese mobile game market, and had to be positioned as an anticipated masterpiece in Korea, so all-around marketing had started through various channels including TV as soon as it was launched in Korea.

  In a situation where ad/promotion is in progress through many channels, the parts that gain more importance as time passes are the efficiency for the purpose of each channel and how detailed the management and operation of ad/promotion based on genuine users can be.


FertileRains utilized our capabilities and carried out the campaign largely in two parts.

First of all, in order to increase the efficiency of CPC media, we used our specialty of CPC ad network, found a media pool that can earn new users more efficiently than existing media can, and proceeded test run. Through the change of creative following efficiency and one-day operation, we were able to lead to the result of optimized efficiency.

  Simultaneously, we carried out Dotop Jun-gi branding and promotion at cafés in major areas of Seoul, so that users with high interests could receive game items via MMS messages and genuine users could connect to the game.


With the ROI efficiency of mobile CPC media, by branding cafés which are offline target contact points and simultaneously carrying out promotion with consideration for actual inflow, we could effectively earn users with efficiency of mobile media, higher CVR and lower CPI price. The café promotion was given a hot response though it was voluntary participation, and recorded over 2,000 participants in two weeks, so that additional campaign is currently in progress.

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